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Welcome to the Law School Wiki.

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Please do not vandalize this site by posting random negative comments on various pages. That makes you a jackass and gets your IP address posted on this page Idiots and banned.

For an example of how the Casebook listings should be formatted, as well as the case briefs, go to Case Briefs, Contracts, Hawkins v. McGee. If you click edit on any of the pages, it'll show you how to edit and how to format everything.

Here are a few FAQs.

It is my hope that this will become a useful and informative free database of case briefs, outlines, and anything else law school related. The user-editable wiki format has worked wonders for Wikipedia and and hopefully will do the same here.

Don't other sites already have these?
Yes. Some of them do. But many of those briefs suck. Here, if the brief sucks (and some of them probably will,) you can edit it and make it better.

What about commercial books?
They are nice. They are also expensive. Also, breaking out a supplement book in class may or may not be proper law school etiquette. Pressing Alt+Tab and switching over to the wiki in between taking notes is much more subtle AND convenient.

Is this cheating?
No. Ask your professor. In short, case briefs are an everyday part of the law school life. The bookstore sells them. Lexis has very abbreviated ones online. I just wish to make them free. Cheating is wrong.

Somebody bootlegged my brief onto your site!
Please, edit the page and remove any copyrighted infringing content. If you cannot figure out how, let someone on here know and we will delete it ASAP.

Which Law School
There are quite a few around the world, this wiki refers to... ALL law schools. I'm a W&L guy, but the cases are mainly the same no matter which school you go to.

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